Recordings of Full-Length Movies Are Being Posted on Twitter

To say Twitter has been in a state of volatility since Elon Musk’s interest — and eventual purchase — of the platform is a gross understatement. It recently tossed its verification system out the door (after doing the same with many of its employees) and has continued its rollout of its paid membership plan, Twitter Blue. With blue checks disappearing left and right, the company is scrambling to turn a profit — going so far as having Musk personally pay for the Twitter Blue subscription of various high-profile celebrities.

The latest problem to surface? Recordings of full-length movies are being uploaded to the platform illegally. In December of 2022, Twitter experimented with new limits for its Blue subscribers by implementing a new 4,000 character maximum per tweet, an up to 60 minute, 1080p video upload option and more. Now, it’s facing the consequences of a smaller content moderation team as multiple videos of recorded films such as The Super Mario Bros. Movie have amassed millions of views before being taken down.

What’s next for Musk and co. as Twitter continues to explore the unknown? Only time will tell, stay tuned for more as this wild saga continues.

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