Quilo Is a New Magazine That Explores Contemporary Brazilian Photography and Writing

Quilo is a new magazine centered around contemporary photography and writing from Brazil.

Founded by Mico Toledo, the book is elegantly designed by Porto Rocha and contains 300 pages of work from 38 contemporary photographers and six writers from Brazil, as well as work from several American, French and Spanish photographers. Toledo, who left Brazil 20 years ago to get his MFA at Central Saint Martins in London, always dreamt of going on a Kerouac-inspired road trip of his home country. Although that trip hasn’t happened yet, he created the magazine to showcase “stories and communities from different parts of Brazil through the eyes of different photographers,” Toledo told It’s Nice That.

Moreover, the hybrid book-magazine is “intended as a counter-reaction to the current parochial system” of Brazil, “like a sanctuary in the form of a magazine,” according to a statement by the publisher. Mapped across 300 pages, Quilo takes readers on a journey through the world’s fifth largest country through timeless photography, gorgeous design and thought-provoking journalism.

Preorder your copy for £45 GBP / $56 USD.

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