PS5 is selling five times more than last year as scalpers cut prices

Scalpers are going to have to start lowering prices on their PS5s if they hope to shift stock, now that Sony is raking it in.

Things were already improving for the PlayStation 5 at the beginning of the year, when Sony proudly announced that the stock shortage was finally over, with worldwide sales crossing the 30 million mark at the same time.

Sony’s confidence was well founded, as that January the PlayStation 5 saw sales that were triple those of January 2022.

In case you thought that might’ve been a one-off, and things would slow down after, it’s reported that sales across Europe have only improved during March and are now five times better than the same period last year.

Admittedly, short supply would’ve hampered the PlayStation 5’s 2022 sales but an increase of 500% is not to be sneezed at. Plus, this shows that the PlayStation 5 is maintaining its momentum and people are still buying it.

Not to mention it’s mainly responsible for the 67% increase in console sales this month. Within Europe, Xbox Series X/S sales are down 13% compared to March 2022, whereas Nintendo Switch sales are down 19%. reports that 1.5 million consoles in total have been sold within 2023’s first quarter (January to March) – a 41% increase over last year – and the PlayStation 5 is leading in Europe with a 369% year-on-year sales rise.

That’s quite impressive considering Sony hasn’t launched any major PlayStation 5 exclusives and has relied on third party titles. Although the very successful Hogwarts Legacy, despite being multiplatform, was heavily promoted for PlayStation 5 and even featured exclusive content.

With the PlayStation 5 more readily available, and people willing to spend upwards of £480 for one, this has also affected scalpers. If you recall, part of the reason the PlayStation 5 was so hard to come by during its early days was thanks to scalpers buying stock in bulk and taking advantage of desperate consumers.

There were signs that that they were losing steam ahead of Christmas (with the PlayStation 5 only being the fourth most popular item among scalpers), but some are now having to cut their PlayStation 5 prices in order to move their stock.

Over on Reddit, user PetiteCanadianMilf shared pictures from eBay of one scalper running a ‘cheap PS5 sale’ for $400. That may still sound like a lot but the PlayStation 5 retails at $499.99 in the US so, unless they also got their stock at a discount, they’re having to sell their PlayStation 5s at a loss.

We took a quick scan through the UK eBay as well and spotted a few brand new PlayStation 5s being sold for less than their regular mark up, such as this one for £399.

There are plenty still cheekily offering the console for way more than its worth (some listings are even in the thousands of pounds), but we doubt they’re going to have much luck. Especially one person trying to sell one for £10,000…

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