Prince Andrew Reportedly Refuses to Listen to Anyone Who Is Telling Him That Writing a Memoir Is a 'Stupid Idea'

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Prince Andrew isn’t letting go of his dream to write a memoir about his life, and he’s reportedly meeting with American writers to help tell his tale. He believes that royal fans are just as hungry for his story as they were for Prince Harry’s tell-all, Spare — except he doesn’t seem to understand that his situation is far different from his nephew’s exit from his senior royal role. 

Pals of the Duke of York are bolding describing the book to be a “Spare 2.0,” which will allow him “to set the record straight” after his Jeffrey Epstein association blew up his entire life. “Andrew was the original spare and there’s plenty of material. Compared to Harry, he has a far greater depth of history to draw from,” a source confidently shared with the Daily Mail. “Writing a book would give him the opportunity to fully explain his association with Jeffrey Epstein and the resulting fall-out. But it would also be a fascinating insight into the inner workings of the Royals and their relationships.”

What Prince Andrew fails to grasp is that he’s been accused of raping an underaged girl who was reportedly sex-trafficked by Epstein. He settled the lawsuit to make it go away, but his 2019 BBC interview clearly demonstrates he loves to dig himself into a bigger hole. There is a least one sane person in his circle, who is telling The Sun, “Everyone close to him is telling him it’s a stupid idea and he should just forget it.” However, Andrew doesn’t want to let it go because he needs the cash quickly.

“Andrew needs to find ways of making money and supporting himself. It would be a huge wrench to leave Royal Lodge. But mainly he wants to set the record straight. If he doesn’t change the narrative, no one else will,” the Daily Mail source added. Publicist Jeremy Murphy thinks that the Duke of York does have a chance at getting a publication deal but adds that he “would be surprised if an advance was even a million dollars” because Andrew has “the slime factor” from his Epstein scandal. It sounds like this is an idea that the Duke of York won’t drop, so don’t be surprised to see the royal peddling a book that he somehow thinks will be as big as Prince Harry’s memoir.

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