Polar’s New Grit X Pro Is a Watch Built For Adventure

Designed to operate in conditions ranging between -20°C and +50°C, it’s safe to say Polar’s new Grit X Pro watch is pretty durable. Inspired by dark winters, frozen landscapes, mountain ranges and other remote-feeling surroundings, the Finnish brand describes its latest model as “a product of our environment”.

Equipped with new navigation tools like turn-by-turn guidance, elevation profiling and track back feature (which sees the watch guide its wearer back to the starting point of the journey in a time of need), the Grit X Pro is built for adventures.

Crafted with a scratch-resistant sapphire glass face, the watch boasts up to seven days battery life when fully charged, 40 hours training with HR & GPS and up to 100 hours training with its battery-saving options.

Completed with the Polar’s Precision Prime OHR Technology, a plethora of outdoor dashboards to suit each wearer’s needs and a host of other innovative features, the Grit X Pro arrives doused in either “Arctic Gold”, “Nordic Copper” or “Black PLC” and is available now from the brand’s online webstore.

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