Peloton Owners Can Now Play an In-App Video Game While Working Out

Peloton has released a new in-app cycling video game. Lanebreak is an innovative workout experience in which riders control wheel-like avatars along six-lane tracks. As riders progress, they work towards goals completing different goals, such as Streams for sustained cadence and Breakers, which means hitting a certain output-based metric.

The game is customizable to each individual user’s workout, with difficulties ranging from beginner to expert. They can also choose which lane they ride in depending on the desired level of resistance.

Riders can alternatively choose their workout based on the type of music they want to listen to. Similar to Peloton’s online classes, each level is set to a unique playlist of top singles and matches the flow of on-screen cues within the game.

The app offers its own exclusive David Bowie remixes, as well as David Guetta’s entire catalog. It also has mixes in genres including pop, rock, hip-hop and EDM.

Lanebreak is available on the Peloton Bike or Bike+ for all-access members now.

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