Pace Prints Presents "James Turrell: Aten Reign"

Back in 2013, acclaimed artist James Turrell created an ethereal installation called Aten Reign. The site-specific commission was made for the Guggenheim Museum in New York, which transformed Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic rotunda into a meditative project that the artist referred to as an “architecture of space created with light.”

Fast forward to the present, Pace Prints Chelsea presents five new editions made in conjunction with the artist, which draws inspiration from the Aten Reign series but made through intricately crafted woodblocks and prints. Created over a two-year period, one of the editions, Suite from Aten Reign (2014), features three Ukiyo-e woodcuts that are hand-carved and printed using fourteen colors, twelve woodblocks, and one metal plate.

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As Turrell’s work is dependent on light and space, he noted, “There are major differences between color in light and color off of a page. The triumphant job of the printers is to get the sense of light and color that comes out of the paper like it does with the light.”

The five editions of “James Turrell: Aten Reign” went on view today and will conclude at Pace Prints Chelsea on March 19, 2022. For those looking to purchase, please visit the gallery for more information.

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