Pabst Blue Ribbon Introduces Massive 1,776-Pack of Beers

For the 4th of July this year, Pabst Blue Ribbon put together a limited-edition 1,776-pack of beer to celebrate America’s birthday.

Dubbed the “#1776Pack,” the massive collection of beer was revealed in an epic visual that focuses on the supersized classic PBR box. Pabst Blue Ribbon will be delivering the #1776Pack to Igloo Coolers, skateboarding podcast crew The Nine Club, comedian Ali Macofsky and pop-punk band Hot Mulligan that will share content throughout the summer.

“We figured the best way to honor the year America claimed its independence was to make a box that held that many beers – 1,776. It’s the least we could do. I mean beyond making our beer can red, white, and blue,” says Nick Reely, VP Marketing at Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Although the #1776Pack will not be available to the public, Pabst Blue Ribbon does offer a 99-Pack of beer and is reportedly set to launch an even larger option in the near future.

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