Nobody Is Having More Fun at the Grammys Than Taylor Swift & These Videos Prove It

If you want to invite a celebrity who is going to have a good time and support everyone at the Grammys, then Taylor Swift should be at the top of your list. It doesn’t matter if she’s nominated, presenting, or performing — the 33-year-old superstar is going to sing and dance like it’s the best night of her life. And we have the videos to prove it. 

Swift showed up on the red carpet in a chic two-piece ensemble in midnight blue that sparkled from every angle. She made sure to stop by E! News’ 360-degree glam cam to show off her outfit — seriously, take a look at her confident stare and those dazzlingly bold earrings — she felt sexy. If that clip wasn’t enough, then let’s roll over to Bad Bunny’s opening-show performance. 

The “Don’t Blame Me” singer didn’t sit in her chair as the dancers came down the aisle of the Crypto Arena, she got up and joined them. Swift held hands with two of the performers and did a few salsa moves and shimmied to the music. Nothing was going to stop her from enjoying every aspect of this evening.  She even super enthusiastically danced to her ex-boyfriend Harry Styles’s performance of “As It Was.”

Of course, there’s one major thing we love about Swift… she’s a queen who always supporting other queens in the music industry. She stood up, smiled, and clapped for Beyoncé as she tied the record for most Grammy wins of all time at 31. That deserves a standing ovation — and we know Swift is the one leading the cheering section. Nothing is going to stop her from having the best night ever at the 65th Grammy Awards.

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