Nintendo Launches Retro-Inspired ‘Sports Story’ RPG On Switch

Sports Story, the highly-anticipated sequel to 2017’s Golf Story, has finally launched on Nintendo Switch. After being teased at last month’s Indie World presentation, the new title was unveiled by Nintendo and developer Sidebar during the fifth and final day of Inside the House of Indies event, where the company unveils forthcoming indie titles.

Golf Story took the form of a retro-inspired RPG, challenging players to golf in all its forms — regular, disc and more. Sports Story takes on a similar vintage aesthetic but expands the scope to encompass a variety of athletic events, including BMX, tennis, cricket, soccer, volleyball and fishing.

For those who loved Golf Story, Sports Story still offers the opportunity to golf through 8 unique golf courses.

When not challenging themselves to athletic feats, players can traverse the retro world, taking a walk through the mall or town square and exploring dungeons and ruins and the mysterious Wildlands. They can travel by train, helicopter and even houseboat to explore new places.

Sports Story is now available on Nintendo Switch for $14.99 USD.

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