Niall Horan Asked Billie Eilish About The Office UK, and She Definitely Had Some Thoughts

Billie Eilish can probably tell you everything you need to know about The Office — just don’t ask her about the show’s UK version, because she’s not a fan. In a recent interview with Niall Horan for, the former One Direction band member mentioned that even though he’s a fan of The Office and its UK-based predecessor, he’s “on the fence” about which one he likes better. He then solicited Eilish’s opinion, but she was quick to reveal that she’s actually never watched the UK version all the way through.

“Listen, I have only seen the first episode of the UK version of The Office, and I could not get through that sh*t,” she said. After mentioning her attempt to watch the show to a friend, Eilish was assured that it gets better after the first episode, but she’s still fully convinced that the US takes the cake here. “I gotta give it another chance. But, hell f*cking no, that sh*t is trash. From what I’ve seen. The US version is far better. I apologize,” she said. Watch the full interview above.

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