My seven favourite moments in video game history – Reader’s Feature

A reader offers a very personal list of the most iconic moments in gaming, from the relatively recent SOMA to that moment in Final Fantasy 7.

So I thought I’d write this feature based on some of my favourite moments in games. The point of this is not to talk about the obvious moments in gaming, although there’s definitely one in there, but my own memorable moments, be it story driven, emotionally affecting or just plain weird and fun, which sums up playing games pretty well I’d say. Some spoilers are ahead, so please be aware.

1. The ending of SOMA

I really enjoyed this game, the setting and thought-provoking story was incredible to me, I was fully invested start to finish. The notion of transferring a human consciousness into artificial beings isn’t new but I’d say the developers handled it very well. At first, I was just surprised that that’s what it’s about and then the genuine horror of the situation sunk in. Are we still human if we’re not human? Throughout the story you genuinely feel the confusion, anger, and then utter despair of the protagonist, especially with the ending. That ending is my top ending of all games.

2. Using any massive explosive on Global Defence Force against a swarm of ants

This one speaks for itself. There’s a huge mass of ants bearing down on you, you lob a grenade into the centre… the satisfying noise that accompanies the wiping out of all the red dots on your radar is second to none. Pure cathartic fun.

3. Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night – second castle

This is my favourite game ever. I could go on about the flawless level design and peerless soundtrack. But imagine that feeling for the first time when you don’t want a great game to end, then surprise it doesn’t! You get an inverted version with all new enemies, bosses, equipment, and music! Pure gaming heaven.

4. Final Fantasy 7 – the death of Aerith

This is an obvious one but I don’t think it can ever be overlooked. For those of us who played this as it was released, who invested so many hours into this great world with its memorable cast of characters, it was a shock. The music that accompanied it really made it, that battle with Jenova straight after is haunting. The music throughout it all is incredible but during that fight, during the laying of the body into the water… timeless.

5. God Of War – Valkyrie Queen

Maybe it was me being silly and playing this on hard mode from the off, but I loved this fight. It took a while to beat, I must admit! But It’s what a proper boss should be, a test of skill and reflexes. Utilising all your skills and tactics with pitch perfect timing, that’s what a proper boss should be like.

6. Alundra – final shrine, music, and puzzles

For Zelda fans this is one of the best PlayStation 1 games. Again, I could go on about the amazing game it is, but this is about the final shrine. It’s frozen in time when you enter, the music is perfect, it’s so atmospheric it’s stayed with me for over 20 years. That’s gaming at its best.

7. Serious Sam – final corridor level

A simple game but the original was a blast. Many enemies, many guns, go nuts! But what stands out for me is the last level, before the silly last boss. You are literally in a big corridor, ammo, health, and armour are right in front of you, then suddenly all the enemies come running at you! It’s just such fun, no running backwards, you have to shoot! It wasn’t complicated, it was pure straight forward dodge and shoot!

By reader Liam

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