Mum’s genius trick for removing grease stains – and it only costs 17p to do

We've all felt the panic that occurs when you spill greasy food down your brand new outfit or get grime on yourself while getting into a dirty car.

You worry that your much loved top or dress is then ruined forever thanks to your clumsiness.

Thankfully that fear can be a thing of the past as one mum has found a way to rescue your favourite clothes, even when they're looking at their worst – and all you need is one thing.

However, in order to try this trick out at home you'll have to make a quick trip to your local branch of Asda (or any supermarket really).

A woman named Clare took to Facebook to share the simple trick with other parents.

Posting in the Cleaning Hacks group, she revealed how she'd used a bottle of 17p cola from Asda to remove grease stains from her young son's hooded sweatshirt.

She wrote: "My son was helping his dad change the clutch on a car at the weekend and got a fairly new jacket covered in grease.

"I've read a lot of times about coke getting rid of oil on driveways etc so I thought I'd try it on his jacket."

So what did she do?

The mum explained how she'd filled a bucket with two bottles of the cola (you could use any supermarket own brand), before submerging the hoodie in the liquid and leaving it to soak overnight.

The next morning she removed it, then put it in the washing machine on a regular cycle.

She added: "It's come up good as new. Well chuffed."

Alongside this, she uploaded some before and after photos of the hoodie, showing just how well it had worked.

So how does it work?

The phosphoric acids in fizzy drinks help break down grease particles.

As well as removing stains from clothes, cola could also be used to clean rust, clean grouting and neutralise nasty odours.

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