Meghan McCain Says Goodbye To ‘The View’: ‘This Has Been A Really Wild Ride’

Meghan McCain has officially said goodbye to “The View.”

McCain gave her final remarks to viewers as co-host of the daytime talk show during her last episode of the show on Friday. For nearly four years, she served as the conservative voice on the panel, often engaging in on-air spats with her co-hosts. She announced her departure last month.

“Thank you all so much again for the privilege and honor it has been for the past four years to work on this show,” McCain said. “It really has been incredible. It will be referenced in everything I do for the rest of my life. You women have been incredible to work with. The crew, the producers, everyone works so hard.”

McCain, who has often made headlines for her controversial remarks on the show, then thanked the audience for allowing her the space to share her opinions and perspective.

“This has been a really wild ride the past four years of my life,” she continued. “It’s been honestly the best of times and the worst of times in all ways on and off the show. It’s been a really incredible, liberating experience, and I will always cherish the time I spent with all of you.”

McCain later quipped that she hoped “The View” executive producer, Brian Teta, can forgive her for “making his blood pressure rise for the past four years.”

McCain’s final episode included appearances from her mother, Cindy McCain, Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema and former House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Last month, viewers got a kick out of Joy Behar’s reaction when McCain first announced her plans to leave the show on air.

The veteran co-host was seen raising her eyebrows after McCain joked that she would be on the show for another month, and that the panel had four more weeks to “fight a little more.”

“You and I have had our disagreements, we’ve had our fights. We’ve also had some drinking moments, which were rather fun and interesting,” Behar later said in a send-off speech to McCain, adding that the conservative was a “formidable opponent.”

Behar and McCain made headlines in May after Behar urged McCain to “have some respect” for the fact that Behar had joined “The View” nearly 25 years ago, after they engaged in a tense discussion about the way the media covers antisemitic hate crimes.




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