Meghan Markle Got Support From the Most Unlikely Person After Being Accused of Staging Her Coronation Weekend Hiking Photos

Just after Prince Harry returned from his whirlwind trip to the U.K. for King Charles III’s coronation, Meghan Markle was spotted with friends enjoying a hike in Montecito, California. She looked relaxed, happy, and completely unbothered by the historic events that had unfolded half a world away.

Critics, including SiriusXM personality Megyn Kelly, claimed that Meghan called the paparazzi to take the snapshots and put them out there to send a message to the royal family. Well, the photographer who took the images, Clint Brewer, is here to tell everyone that it is fake news. He grabbed a screenshot of the Duchess of Sussex and Kelly and had quite the rebuttal to the headline, “Megyn Kelly claims Meghan Markle staged hiking photo…” (See the photo HERE.)

Brewer chimed in with his own text under the photos, “I wish these were staged, would make my job easier.” He also added an emoji laughing at the possibility that Kelly believes it to be true for extra effect. So, while he’s likely admitting that he was camping out near the couple’s home and followed their vehicle to the hiking trail (stalking isn’t great, y’all), he is at least proving that Meghan was trying to enjoy a private weekend with her friends — she wasn’t trying to muscle in on royal events. 

Of course, that doesn’t change the narrative that some celebrities call the paparazzi for staged photos — we all know it happens in Hollywood — but Brewer is telling all of his followers that this time, it just wasn’t true.

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