McDonald's China Is Pushing the Limits of Dessert With Spicy Chilli Oil Sundae

Shortly after introducing its Spam-Oreo Burger, McDonald’s China is now offering a Spicy Chilli Oil Sundae. The limited-edition unique dessert was announced last week and is only found on its members-only “creative” menu. Unavailable in Beijing, Hebei and Liaoning provinces, the Spicy Chilli Oil Sundae is free for McDonald’s China members to redeem for free with a coupon on January 25 only.

It is interesting to note that chilli oil on ice cream is not really a new concept in China, as the fiery pairing went viral on the Internet in the Sichuan region of Chongqing and Chengdu back in 2018.

Officially named the “Youpo Lazi Sundae,” the sweet unusual menu item is inspired by Shaanxi Province’s beloved thick spicy youpo noodles. The Spicy Chilli Oil Sundae is served in a cup with vanilla soft serve topped generously with a chilli crisp infused oil complete with bits of peppers, onion, garlic and seasonings.

The Spicy Chilli Oil Sundae is just the first offering to be revealed from McDonald’s China’s year-long members-only “creative” menu, so we can expect more interesting pairings to come.

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