Mariah Carey Just Delivered Another Iconic Response to Rumors She's Feuding With This Star

There’s no one better at weighing in on a rumored feud than Mariah Carey, who famously said “I don’t know her” when asked about rumored rival Jennifer Lopez back in 2008. So it’s hard to say what a certain source for The Sun hoped would happen when they let slip that Carey and Jay-Z, known in these parts as Beyoncé’s husband, had suffered a falling out and would be parting ways creatively. While they likely didn’t expect to get dragged by Carey herself on Twitter — after all, Carey certainly can’t commit to reading all the gossip about her that’s published out there — that’s exactly what happened when the pop star and author of The Meaning of Mariah Carey stepped into the fray with a colorful message. Yes, Ms. Carey is too damn busy to have her eyes on every story about her business, but she’s also all about letting people know where she stands.

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