MADSAKI Returns to New York to Revisit His Hometown Roots

In celebration of his first-ever solo exhibition in New York — titled Hello Darkness, My Old Friend (I’ve come to talk with you again) — the Tokyo-based, New Jersey-raised artist MADSAKI has teamed up with Galerie Perrotin for a short documentary where he revisits his hometown.

Over the course of the five-minute clip, MADSAKI returns to some of his favorite spots in New York City, running through the reasons why he calls it home while sharing his fond memories. “I miss everything about New York: the energy, the people, the craziness,” he says. “When you wake up in New York, you open the door, it’s like the movie stars right there. This place is like home to me.”

Check out the full MADSAKI returns to NYC documentary up above.

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