LIFE IS WAR's "S*X" Capsule Repositions Mickey and Minnie's Relationship

Serving as a personal extension of Mitch Modes, LIFE IS WAR has emerged with a cult following that resonates with the evocative message tied to the fledgling label. The enigmatic creative closely tied to The Weeknd and Playboi Carti notes that LIFE IS WAR exists as the expression of his appreciation of the personal struggles and obstacles that he has faced.

For its latest limited drop, LIFE IS WAR has prepared its “S*X” capsule comprised of a concise range of hoodies and T-shirts. The imagery featured throughout the capsule continues the label’s exploration of the playful anarchist styling of the punk seen in the mid-1970s. Aside from the bold “life is war” markings at the rear taken from Mitch Modes signature tattoo, the vintage finished hoodies and T-shirts are marked with “SEX” motifs and anarchy symbol takes on Disney‘s Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

To present the “S*X” capsule, LIFE IS WAR developed a series of faux paparazzi shots to reposition Mickey and Minnie’s relationship to match the suggestive theme of the range.

Priced at $65 and $120 USD, the “S*X” capsule is available now exclusively on LIFE IS WAR’s website for a limited time only.

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