Legacy Of Kain maker Crystal Dynamics is playtesting a new game

Of the 100,000+ people who filled out a Legacy Of Kain survey, a small number of them have been invited to a secret playtest.

Following news that Square Enix was selling Crystal Dynamics and Eidos to Embracer Group, fans quickly expressed their hope that this would lead to new entries in otherwise dormant franchises, like Deus Ex and Legacy Of Kain.

Embracer and Eidos have already explicitly teased AAA games for ‘beloved franchises,’ and there was even a Legacy Of Kain survey sent out by Crystal Dynamics last October, clearly trying to gauge how much interest there is in a new sequel – or perhaps remake.

Now, people who filled out that survey are claiming to have been invited to a secret playtest in May, which Crystal Dynamics has corroborated.

These invites apparently started being sent out last week, stating that the playtest will run from May 3 to May 12, with multiple sessions lasting one hour.

Although single-player games are playtested with ordinary members of the public it’s unusual to do it remotely like this, which seems to imply whatever it is is a multiplayer game, which is not what most Legacy Of Kain fans will have been hoping for.

The sessions will be held remotely so invitees can participate so long as they have a PC, webcam, microphone, and the Microsoft Teams app installed. So, we at least know this isn’t a mobile title (or at least not mobile exclusive).

Filling out the survey doesn’t guarantee an invite, though, as a couple of fans over on NeoGAF report being denied entry due to there only being 32 spots available.

This is thankfully not some kind of scam either, as Crystal Dynamics has confirmed the legitimacy of the emails but has obviously not gone so far as to say what the test is for.

‘I can confirm that the invitation is genuine and from us but can’t give any information about what they’ll be testing,’ a representative told PCGamesN.

They added that there was a ‘wider distribution’ of playtest invites and they weren’t limited to just survey participants, though this doesn’t rule out the possibility of it being Legacy Of Kain related.

After all, in a November earnings call, Crystal Dynamics and Eidos CEO Phil Rogers said the Legacy Of Kain survey saw over 100,000 responses, rather than the typical 1,000 or 3,000 they expected.

‘We saw the news of our survey shared across social and press platforms and we really felt this was a great way to reignite this passionate fan community with this legendary PC and console game series,’ he said, as transcribed by VGC.

‘Rest assured, we hear you loudly and clearly, and we will continue to update you on the what if possibilities ahead for Legacy Of Kain in the future.’

As for the studio’s current projects, we know Crystal Dynamics isn’t going to be busy with its Avengers game any longer, with the final update rolling out last month and support ending in September.

Its next major project is a new Tomb Raider sequel which it’s working with Amazon on. There’s also the Perfect Dark reboot it’s agreed to help with, although the playtest isn’t going to be related to that since Microsoft doesn’t appear to be involved.

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