Larry Bell Set to Release a Smaller ‘Light Knot’ Sculpture via Avant Arte

Since its inception in 2015, Avant Arte has made it a mission to make art more accessible to the masses. Over this span, the group has collaborated with some of the leading creative figures of the day, including recent releases with Tom Sachs and DRIFT to a new sculptural edition with acclaimed American artist, Larry Bell.

Little 3DVD continues Bell’s lifelong exploration into light, materiality and shadow through one of his signature ‘light knot’ sculptures, which has been scaled down for the first time. Set in a transparent box, the iridescent pieces of Mylar are coated with metals and forms of quartz to create a rhythmic vapor drawing.

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Due to the process of creating the pieces, no two sculptures are the same. Little 3DVD is a testament to the growing interest in “Light and Space” artists in recent years. As an edition of 35, the sculpture is highly limited and will be available to purchase at Avant Arte for $7,454 USD on December 1 at 9am ET.

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