‘Instagram vs reality’ exposes what influencers’ photos should really look like

It shouldn't need spelling out, but here we go – sometimes social media isn't 100% representative of the truth.

A scroll through Facebook or Instagram may throw up countless polished and envy-inducing images, but these don't always tell the full story.

Your favourite influencers could be some of the worst culprits when it comes to this "smoke and mirrors" approach, which probably doesn't shock you.

What IS shocking is what these images look like from a different angle, or before make-up and filters have been applied, or before they've been digitally tweaked.

Before all of this happens, what's reassuring is that these celebs and influencers aren't really any different to the rest of us.

As these "look behind the scenes" or "before" photos all show, there's a whole bag of trickery being used.

Celebrities often come under fire for tweaking their images.

Kylie Jenner , who already has a figure that's the envy of many anyway, was caught shamelessly airbrushing a picture of herself at the Met Gala.

By the look of it, Jenner had photoshopped her wasit to look even thinner.

The irony is she captioned the photo with: "Shout out to my beautiful glam goddesses."

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