Instagram Trend Report Predicts Big 2022 For Goth and Goblincore Fashion

Instagram has tapped into the minds and behaviors of its Gen-Z users to create its first-ever trend report for 2022.

The social platform dived into its extensive data collection to to take a closer look into categories like music, fashion, creators, beauty and social justice and learn more about what certain behaviors could mean, especially when it comes to shaping culture in the next year.

In the world of fashion, Instagram is predicting a big year for Dark Academia, Goth, Goblincore and Nostalgic wear with 50% of teens and young adults expected to experiment more with bolder looks, while nearly one in four young people are expected to thrift more online through second-hand websites like Depop and Poshmark.

The amount of plant-based skincare, vegan makeup and products with sustainable ingredients looks set to increase too, with one in three young people predicted to learn more about cleaner skincare products in 2022.

Other key findings include an increased focus on wellness with one in three young people anticipated to be set to take up activities like guided meditation and manifestation exercises, while almost 50% of young people view individuals like themselves or influencers with smaller, loyal audiences as key for creating trends.

Instagram’s full 2022 Trend Report is set to be publically available in the near future, but you can keep up-to-date with it via the brand’s official blog.

In other tech news, Google has released its 2021 “Year in Search” review, revealing the most-searched topics of the year.
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