I'm Just Going to Say It: Lucifer's Main Couple Is Wrong For Each Other in So Many Ways

I seem to be making a reputation for myself as a ship ruiner, but I swear I’m generally a huge proponent of TV romances! It’s just that sometimes shows put two people together who are supposed to be picture-perfect for miscellaneous reasons, but when you take a good look at them, they don’t work at all. Lucifer‘s big romance between the titular devil (Tom Ellis) and Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) is one such couple.

Now, before you start throwing rotten apples at my head, hear me out! There are a lot of aspects of their friendship that I enjoy, namely the way they work together. But when it comes to their romantic entanglement, what makes them good work partners doesn’t translate over well. Since the first season, Lucifer has been attracted to Chloe because of her unique ability to resist his angelic mojo: she doesn’t instantly feel overwhelmed by desire in his presence and isn’t compelled to reveal her deepest desires to him either. She’s both a challenge and a mystery to him, which Lucifer thrives on. He doesn’t hide his inhibitions or tries to be someone he’s not when he’s around her, mainly because he knows she won’t be swayed by it. He’s his most obnoxious self at the beginning and it works because it’s the perfect foil to Chloe’s more straight-laced personality.

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