Ikeuchi Hiroto Displays Otherworldly Robotics in Largest Solo Exhibition to Date

Japanese artist Ikeuchi Hiroto, who brings us one step closer to a cyborg future, is currently displaying his latest solo exhibition in Tokyo. Hiroto’s works were recently brought into the mainstream when Balenciaga commissioned the contemporary artist for its Spring 2022 lookbook, displaying an array of high-tech mechanical masks that transform the models into otherworldly figures of a distant era.

This solo exhibition will be Ikeuchi’s largest ever, showcasing his custom mechanical masks, VR headsets, wearable exoskeleton made by body-enhancing robot company Skeletonics, a futuristic vehicle, and interactive works in collaboration with design firm Prototype Inc. Inspired by Star WarsZoids, and Gundam from his childhood, Ikeuchi’s iconic style was born when he began making pieces out of parts from his personal computer and models. Over the years, Ikeuchi has continued to hone his craft to create his own cyberpunk expression, repurposing ready-made plastic and industrial parts into an array of thought-provoking gadgets and mech gear. It’s interesting to note that while Ikeuchi’s works may look conceptual and designed for visual enjoyment, they still maintain their original functions.

The IKEUCHI HIROTO EXHIBITION is now open at Tokyo’s Sai Gallery and will run until January 30.

Sai Gallery
3F Miyashita Park South,
6-20-10 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku,

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