Howard Stern Could Star in 'Doctor Doom' Project for Marvel Studios

Howard Stern might be working with Marvel Studios for a Doctor Doom project.

According to reports, the radio show host leaked the supposed info with his microphone on during a commercial break and was asked what his plans were for the summer. ”They’re going over the schedule with me, and it’s going to suck,” Stern said. “I told you, I’m going to do ‘Doctor Doom.’ That’s the thing. But believe me, I’m f*cking miserable about it…I called Robert Downey, Jr. and I was asking him acting techniques.”

Stern did not clarify whether he is attached to star as Doctor Doom or as another main/supporting character, however, leaving Marvel fans to question his role. Comicbook also adds that it remains unclear if Stern’s involvement, if there is any truth to it, is part of Marvel Studios’ live-action Fantastic Four reboot or will be delivered as a standalone.

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