How Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga Are Navigating Awards Season

The intense publicity leading up to October’s premiere of A Star Is Born has wrapped, but stars Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga aren’t done promoting their movie just yet. Heading into awards season, the pair have to navigate campaigning for nominations, which is something Cooper has done several times in the past. However, Gaga is new to the game, seeing as A Star Is Born is her first film.

“We’re just doing it together,” Cooper told Entertainment Tonight on Thursday, ahead of the 32nd Annual Cinematheque Award gala, where he was honored for his contributions to the film industry. He also said he and Gaga have stayed in touch post-premiere: “She’s very busy, but we text and we see each other every couple of weeks. I love doing Q&As, so we’ve done a couple of those together, so that’s been great.”

Although the Academy Awards won’t air for a few more months, rumors are already flying that Cooper and Gaga will perform a song together at the ceremony, which is traditional for performers who are nominated for best original song. A Star Is Born is sure to nab a nomination in that category, especially with all the Oscars buzz the film has attracted.

However, Cooper told ET on Thursday that he can’t speak to whether or not those rumors hold any weight.

“That’s way too premature,” he said. “Let’s just wait and see.”

Per ET, Gaga was nominated in the best original song category in 2016 for “Til It Happens To You” from The Hunting Ground, alongside Diane Warren. She also performed at the awards show that year, so that part, at least, will be familiar to the star.

Gaga was among several attendees at Thursday’s gala, including Sam Elliott, Ed Helms, Patricia Clarkson, Sean Penn and Jennifer Garner, among others. The event was held specifically to honor Cooper, who told ET, “Tonight is a really interesting one, just in that the thought of it makes me want to crawl into a hole. But when I just sit back, I really just want to enjoy it and embrace it.”

Cooper and Gaga have both been vocal about each other’s work on A Star Is Born and how amazing they think each other are. Whether or not the film sees any nominations going into awards season remains to be seen, but one thing is clear: Cooper and Gaga seem like the kind of friends who stick together, and we love that they’re so supportive of each other.

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