Hong Kong stars Liza Wang and Adam Cheng feast on durians after concert

SINGAPORE – How do you celebrate the conclusion of a successful concert performance?

For veteran Hong Kong stars Liza Wang and Adam Cheng, who were in Singapore on Saturday (May 25) to perform at the Adam Cheng N Liza Wang Reminiscing 50th Hong Kong Drama and Cantopop Concert at Resorts World Sentosa, they did so by feasting on durians.

Wang, 71, wrote on Instagram on Sunday that she felt very satisfied after eating the “king of fruits”, as the durians are known. She also posted photos of her and Cheng backstage and performing at the concert.

Earlier on Saturday, Wang wrote that she did not visit many places at Sentosa due to the warm weather. She took a stroll in three hotels on the island, as she posted photos of herself at Hard Rock Hotel and Festive Hotel. There are also photos of her outside Universal Studios Singapore and with her fans.

Cheng, 72, was not with her as he was meeting his friends at that time.

Wang and Cheng are remembered by fans as the screen lovers from the Hong Kong television serials of the 1970s, when they acted in classic wuxia drama series such as The Legend Of The Book And The Sword (1976), The Heaven Sword And Dragon Sabre (1978) and Chor Lau Heung (1979). They have also sung several Cantonese classic song duets together.


25/05/2019秋官丶Liza 新加坡聖陶沙演唱會完滿結束,多謝主辦單位 多謝台前幕後、台燈聲、梳化服各部門、福星大樂隊、香港舞蹈員、多謝劉宏基及製作團隊…..當然更要多謝入場觀众,最後仲食到榴璉呀、好滿足。

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25/05/2019天气热没有出去,只在島上三间酒店内走走,秋官他们有朋友招待,不跟我一起,所以没有秋官合照。吃完午饭,稍作休息,就去後台夾band,排舞,sound check. 今晚8:00pm 正式開show!

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