Harry Styles' New "Satellite" Music Video Sees a Robot Vacuum Cleaner Travel the World

Harry Styles on Wednesday delivered a brand new video for his Harry’s House track, “Satellite.” The visual, which marks the fourth from the chart-topper’s latest album, stars an unlikely protagonist: a small robot vacuum named Stomper, who sweeps the backstage floors of Styles’ never-ending Love on Tour.

The automated device is named after Styles’ famous dance move, the “Satellite Stomps,” which he religiously breaks out while performing the titular track. In the video, Stomper appears backstage at The Forum in Los Angeles for one of Styles’ shows. After watching a broadcast of the Curiosity rover maneuvering Mars in the green room, the robot rolls on stage to join Styles for a rendition of “Satellite,” while the packed venue chants the lyrics.

Stomper then travels far and wide — first, trudging through the rain, encountering rats on the city’s streets, and later venturing through captivating canyons, barren deserts and snowy mountains. In the visual’s conclusion, the far-traveling vacuum cleaner stops in a patch of grass, alongside Styles, gazing up at a real-life satellite.

Later this month, Styles will continue his Love on Tour, marking the final stretch in the show’s almost two-year-long stint. The tour, which will have included over 160 stops, concludes on July 22.

Watch Harry Styles’ “Satellite” video in the gallery above.

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