Halloween Monster Movies With LGBTQ Themes & Characters

Monsters of all stripes have a long history of being queer-coded in Disney movies and horror flicks. They interact with humanity but are separate from it; they are hated for not being “normal.” Monstrous bodies are alien and therefore simultaneously fascinating and disgusting to the human eye. They are coded to represent parts of society that we fear or despise, used as metaphors for xenophobia and racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism and more.

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And if you’re LGBTQ and have seen even one monster movie, it’s highly likely that you found yourself relating to the monster, if not rooting for them to win against the forces that made them so monstrous in the first place. Monsters are vilified, misunderstood and attacked simply for existing — all of which is highly familiar to those who exist outside of cis-heteronormative society and/or within the LGBTQ community.

When Halloween rolls around each year, monstrous queer-coding becomes especially apparent. LGBTQ themes are so prevalent in horror movies and Halloween-themed stories that they are nearly impossible to avoid. Some films, however, are more blatant in their queer-coding than others. If you want to explore this idea, or if you just want more queer monster movie recommendations, we suggest you start with the films below.

1. Black Swan


Natalie Portman’s turn as the picture-perfect ballerina who slowly goes dark in Black Swan is a fascinating and explicit exploration of repressed lesbian desire. When her character, Nina, faces competition in her ballet company from Mila Kunis’ character, Lily, the two form a twisted friendship that ends in tragedy. Ballet acts as a conduit for sexuality; Lily has embraced hers and therefore moves in a way that’s effortless. Nina struggles to do the same. Aside from an actual sex scene that makes the queer themes of this film especially obvious, Nina’s whole journey is about embracing her “dark” side: her queerness. 

2. The Perfection


After watching Jordan Peele’s Get Out, anyone can see that Allison Williams has the perfect eeriness for cliff-hanging horror movies. In The Perfection, Williams plays Charlotte, a troubled musical prodigy that reunites with a former mentor of hers (Steven Weber) after taking a break. In doing so she meets his new star pupil (Logan Browning) and they develop a gripping romance as they embark in a terrifying suspense ride. The scene with them playing their first song together is a true definition of queer horror.

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