Fiorucci x Napapijri FW22 Has the Power to "Transport Its Wearers"

Daniel W. Fletcher has an eye for nostalgia; an understanding of kitsch references that come together in a mishmash of prints, colors, and textures, and this attitude toward design has seen him bring Fiorucci back to its former glory. Now, the fashion icon is back together with fellow Italian label Napapijri for their second collaboration, presenting a bold array for Fall/Winter 2022.

Following on from their first collaborative effort that debuted at the beginning of the year, Fiorucci x Napapijri FW22 now explores “the journey of an intrepid explorer, who found themselves in the middle of a kaleidoscope of lights tucked inside one of Italy’s most breathtaking summits — from the snow-capped mountain tops, the explorer has now reached an electrifying playground filled with bright lights, neon logos, metallic fabrics and graphic patches.”

However, it’s more than just a color-clad rework. For the Skidoo, a signature jacket for Napapijri, Fiorucci places a pair of sunglasses on its iconic angel motif and turns this into a patch, adds pink eco-fur to the collar, and adds a colorful piece of branding on the arm alongside Napapijri house cues and, of course, a technical water-resistant, thermo-fiber-padded construction to boot. Elsewhere, a cream fleece oozes winter-ready cues while pops of pink and psychedelic badging inject joy, something that can also be said for the neon lettering on the heavily-branded Northfarer jacket and matching pants.

Disco balls serve as the inspiration for the silver puffer jacket, leaning into Fiorucci’s nostalgic Studio 54 past, while T-shirts dominated with a space theme echo this mantra. Speaking on the collection, Daniel W. Fletcher says:

“I wanted this collection to transport its wearers, whether that be into the mountains or up into space; Fiorucci x Napapijri is about exploration. The archives of both brands fed into the designs, creating a mash-up of styles which take you on a journey of discovery, both on the ground and up in the sky.”

Take a look at the Fiorucci x Napapijri FW22 collection in the lookbook above, and shop the collection online or in-store now from both brands.

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