FIFA+ App Shares Real-Time AR Stats for World Cup Fans

A lesser-known function of the free FIFA+ app is the FIFA+ Stadium Experience which allows on-site fans to scan the field with their mobile device and view the matches in augmented reality.

As previewed over the weekend by a fan, the app is able to automatically recognize each player and upon tapping on them, individual and team stats as well as real-time speeds are revealed. Additional features include Video Assistant Referee (VAR) replays used for close calls and different heatmap selections showing ball possession, attempts at goal, defensive line break types, and more.

The analytics provided is the same data that FIFA uses to conduct post-match analysis to understand how the game is evolving over time and how it progresses from junior to senior levels.

“We would like to share our vision of using football data analytics combined with technical expert interpretation to create a new football intelligence, allowing everyone to better understand the game,” says FIFA Chief of Global Football Development Arsène Wenger. “Enhanced football intelligence will be our blueprint for how we analyse football in the future. When we discover new insights, we want to share them with the world of football. With our online FIFA Training Centre, we have a fantastic vehicle to do so. My team will continue to provide new and insightful football analysis content to help share new understanding of the game combined with performance data, video examples and technical explanations.”

Take a look at the FIFA+ Stadium Experience in action below.

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