Facebook Gaming Asks Max Rhyms to Choose Five Things He Can’t Live Without

As gaming culture has evolved, it has grown to be even more multifaceted and gamers are no longer identified simply by the games they play. Our new series, Choose 5, was created in partnership with Facebook Gaming to showcase how the platform’s creators defy any label, as they intersect their love of gaming with other passion points to push streaming forward.

Facebook Gaming is a multi-faceted global streaming platform for audiences of all walks of life. Gamers, athletes, musicians, and more are brought together upon a common love for video games, but the interactive qualities of the collaborative interface shine a light on the lifestyles that intersect with the platform outside of gaming as well.

Max Rhyms is the ideal embodiment of a multi-hyphenate gamer. Not only does he use Facebook Gaming’s creative platform to connect with other gamers, but he’s also a hip-hop artist and DJ. He represents the diverse talent that overlaps with the gaming community, displaying how his many interests and talents play upon one another.

Facebook Gaming and Hypebeast asked Max Rhyms what five items he can’t live without, from his beloved turntables to his tried and true gaming PC, and how they each contribute to his gaming routine as well as his music creation process.

Hypebeast: Can you tell me a little bit about who you are?

Max Rhyms: My name is Max Rhyms. I’ve been creating content for about four and a half years. I have a beautiful wife and four sons. The biggest thing that I love about my career is being able to have a positive influence on the whole world and encouraging others to punch fear in the face and follow their dreams. Positive influence is a huge part of what I do and the message that I bring. I have a big background in music and I play a lot of games. I’ve officially been doing what I do full-time for a year and it has been incredible. I’m really built for this for real.

How did you get into DJing and why?

MR: Back when I was about 15 years old, my pops actually went out and bought some DJ equipment. He had a bunch of friends that liked to party a lot. So he wanted to be the DJ. Naturally, I started picking it up. He showed me a couple of tips and tricks on the little setup that he had. And then my buddies at school were starting to have some parties in high school, so they’re like, ‘Yo, why don’t you DJ it for us?’ So I started making a little bit of money on the side in high school and then I just kept it going on and off throughout my life.

How and why did you get into streaming?

MR: I actually give my wife a lot of credit for this because one day I was at work and then she said to me, ‘Hey honey, me and the boys were playing this new game called Fortnite. You should come home and play with us.’ I’m like, ‘I’m not playing no Fortnite.’ And then the next day she already had it downloaded for me. So I started playing Fortnite with them and I started looking up YouTube videos on how to get better at the game. I thought, ‘Man, I think I can do this.’ But I still wasn’t sold on it yet. So one day I’m just scrolling down Facebook and I see a gamer live on Facebook. I didn’t know you could do that — I already had 500 friends on my Facebook page, so if I went live they’d be able to see me right away. So I saved up a little bit more money, I bought the rest of my equipment and I just pushed the ‘Go Live’ button. And then six months later I saw a little bit of success and it just made me so motivated to keep going.

Can you tell us a bit about the Facebook gaming community and what it means to you?

MR: The reason I love Facebook and the Facebook Gaming platform, in general, is because I feel like it’s more personable. I feel like people are putting themselves out there because when you comment, it’s your real name and you can see information about them. They can be held accountable based on the things that they say. And I just feel like it’s a stronger connection on the Facebook Gaming platform — it just felt like home. It felt comfortable.

Do you think the Facebook Gaming community helps you elevate that message that you have about positivity?

MR: 100 percent. I think a big key factor in that is the fact that the Facebook Gaming platform feels safe. I really enjoy that. Facebook Gaming really cares about its creators and provides opportunities that no other platform will.

When did you realize that people reacted positively to your music on your live streams?

MR: I first noticed that when I started rapping and rhyming my viewers’ names. So they came into my chat when I first started streaming — I wasn’t always Max Rhyms, I was Max Rarity Unlimited. That was my old name. But I started rapping their names and that just created a whole different experience. They’re like, ‘Wow, this dude is freestyling off the top of his dome, live on stream while playing a beat and gaming at the same time.’ It was different. And I’m all about being dope and different.

How has gaming specifically inspired creativity in your personal world?

MR: Well, in what I do, I’m definitely a gamer first. I’ve always played games since I was a kid. I love gaming because it allows me to have so much fun and almost tune out the world a little bit. I have a lot of fun playing games like Apex, Fortnite, and Warzone. But the biggest factor in that is actually to play with my community through gaming. I’ve made some really crazy connections. I feel like gaming is literally the past, present, and future because of those relationships and those experiences — it’s life-changing.

How is DJing incorporated into your gaming lifestyle?

MR: Over the last seven or eight months, I’ve taken it more seriously because I really saw a strong connection between music and gaming. That’s always been a part of my brand anyway. What really set it off for me was an event last year in Las Vegas with Facebook Gaming at EDC, where they had a bunch of DJs and a few other gamers game while they DJ their sets. I thought, ‘If Facebook gaming is already doing this, I’ve got to bring that experience to my stream.’ So about seven or eight months ago I literally bought my dream setup.

How did you establish your unique setup and what does it include?

MR: Well, my setup has a lot of different elements that describe my background. I have so much greenery in my setup because my mom loved plants. And with my DJ setup, I’ve always wanted to mix on vinyl. Back in the day when I was mixing, my pops had a CDJ, something really simple and really basic. But I’ve always wanted to mix on 12-inch vinyl, man. It’s literally a dream come true to have that. My gaming setup consists of two parts. So I have my main gaming PC, which is plugged into a high-end monitor. And then I have my streaming PC, which allows me to control my entire stream and make sure that everything sounds good and looks good. The reason why I have a dual PC setup is that it allows me to just have more options in how I manage my content and my game. I don’t have many issues with sound or any type of delay or anything like that.

What are the five items you can’t live without?

MR: For starters, the first of the five items that I cannot live without are my gaming PC and my streaming pc. Now I count both of those together as one because I couldn’t do what I do without either one of them. The second thing is definitely gonna be my MacBook Pro. My MacBook Pro allows me to edit all of my videos offline, as well as do my DJ sets. And when I travel, I’m able to keep up with my content and it just gives me that flexibility to make moves on the go. Number three: definitely gonna be my Kaotica Eyeball. That allows me to do my voiceovers and record my music and even helps me do sound checks and make beats. It helps me to hone my skills on the music side. For item number four, it’s definitely going to be my Canon M50. I use that camera to take all of my headshot content when I’m doing videos for Facebook, other brands, or even my own content. I have a sick lens on that thing. The number five is definitely gonna be my DJ setup. That’s a huge part of what I do. I love music, I love sound, I love mixing. DJing is almost like a break from streaming because with gaming, I’m so locked in and focused, but when I’m DJing, I feel like I’m in a whole other world.
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