Explore Mont Blanc With The North Face’s All-New Immersive Experience

After launching its mountain-inspired city collection last month, The North Face returns to the great outdoors to launch its innovative Power Further VR and 360 experience, which allows users to explore some of Europe’s most stunning peaks and delve into the brand’s VECTIV technology.

Developed during a period when exploration was heavily-restricted as a result of COVID-19, the Power Further VR transports viewers into the French Alps and the Mont Blanc landscapes and trails, following two runners across three chapters.

Featuring Fernanda Maciel, James Poole and a member of The North Face Explorer Team, the experience sends users across six locations on Mont Blanc as the trio narrate what drew them to the mountains, and how The North Face’s Flight VECTIV helps them to do so.

The brand’s VECTIV — which made its debut earlier this year — is a technology composed of a 3D plate, a finely tuned rocker midsole and SurfaceCTRL outsole, all of which results in a performance sneaker that’s not only efficient, but stable and shock absorbent too.

Take a look at The North Face’s full range of VECTIV via the brand’s webstore and find out more about Power Further VR here.

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