Experts Claim Ivanka Trump May Have Distanced Herself From the Family Too ‘Late’ to Make This Anticipated Move

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For quite some time, Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump has been reportedly working tirelessly to rebrand herself, and capture a sliver of her old reputation as a powerful, multi-hyphenate socialite. However, legal experts think she may be too late to try to rebrand.

Legal analyst and attorney Andrew Lieb told Insider per Newsweek that “it’s a little late in the game for her to be rebranding.”

The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life author has worked to distance herself and get back to being one of the Queens of the New York social scene. However, recent reports came in saying that many of her former socialite friends have basically ghosted her after she stood behind her family during Donald’s Presidential run.

Now, Lieb added that her choice to distance herself “makes a lot of sense from a legal perspective.” He added, “Having all of these people—when it comes to Trump, Donald Jr., Eric, and Ivanka—with the same lawyer, there could end up being conflict of interest issues. I think there’s probably something going on here where there’s infighting because I find that families all love each other until they’re all liable for $250 million.”

Along with multiple other legal issues, the Trump family is going through a $250 million fraud case — including Ivanka. An April 25 court filing revealed that Ivanka is being accused of failing to turn over important documents, specifically “to turn over email communications sent by their client between 2014-2017,” according to the Independent.

As of late April, she only handed over “the first nine months of 2014,” and has been accused of “stonewalling” the case.

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