Donald Trump Is Now Requesting Donations That Could Pay For Jared & Ivanka’s Consulting Fees

While many Republican politicians and voters may still support Donald Trump, the former President is now seeking to distance himself from the party, sending out a specific request that donors stop giving to traditional GOP fundraising sites like the Republican National Committee (RNP), instead donating to his personal Save America PAC. But as former Federal Election Commission attorney Adav Noti points out, this isn’t as simple as Trump trying to start a fund for his own political party. The donations that he’s requesting are going into a fund that is exempt from bans on personal use of campaign money, meaning Trump can use those donations to pay off personal debts, which are estimated by Vanity Fair to be around $400 million, or to further enrich his family, such as by paying daughter Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s (substantial, I’m sure) consulting fees.

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