Did rocker Kelsy Karter ink permanent tattoo of Harry Styles on her face?

NEW YORK – Is this the right direction to take to get the attention of One Direction singer Harry Styles?

Not all netizens are impressed that up-and-coming rock singer Kelsy Karter, 24, has got a tattoo of Styles on her face.

On Sunday, the New Zealander had posted her tattoo tribute to Styles ahead of his 25th birthday on Friday, writing: “Mama, look what I made me do.”

Previously, she had tweeted: “Finally know what I’m getting Harry for his birthday.”

But lest some think that her devotion is only skin-deep, Karter had actually spoken of her obsession with the English singer in an interview last year.

“I really want to work with him. Let’s work, Harry.”

While there is some debate by netizens over whether the tattoo is a permanent or temporary one, People magazine reported that she has also recorded a song, called Harry, of course.

The lyrics go: “Harry, I’m gonna make you love me/You’re gonna make me breakfast/It’s a secret just between us/We can keep it low-key/I ain’t being funny/You should be so lucky to put your velvet arms around me.”

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mama, look what i made me do

A post shared by Kelsy Karter (@kelsykarter) on

mama, look what i made me do

A post shared by Kelsy Karter (@kelsykarter) on

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