Desert X 2021 Art Biennial to Officially Launch in March

Desert X organizers recently announced that the third edition of its biennial will officially run from March 12 until May 16, 2021 in the Coachella Valley. Spearheaded by artistic director Neville Wakefield and co-curator César García-Alvarez, the massive exhibition will feature large-scale works by artists who will explore the desert as both a place and idea through their diverse works. Moreover, the artists will examine the realities of those who live there alongside the socio-political contexts that shape their lives.

The exhibition is one of the few outdoor experiences in the region that offer safe observations for public art. The upcoming Desertbiennale will feature many newly commissioned works that challenge societal conventions while imagining the possibilities of a shared future.

Accompanying the outdoor works is a dynamic program of educational initiatives and artist projects that will help expand the organization’s reach to international audiences. Not to mention, an upcoming film by Desert X will launch globally across multiple platforms.

Visit Desert X’s website for more information. Elsewhere in art, Yoon Hyup is currently unveiling new abstract paintings in a solo exhibition at Hong Kong’s AISHONANZUKA gallery.
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