Dana White Gives a Tour of His Massive Home Gym and Fully-Stocked Kitchen

UFC‘s Dana White has just given Men’s Health an intimate look at his home gym and kitchen.

Located in Las Vegas, White breaks down the design of his gym, and it’s as you would expect from the UFC President — fully equipped and ready for both weight training and sparring. Complete with every machine and weight you would ever need, the home gym also has fully padded floors and boxing equipment. Accessible by the large gym doors is an outdoor lap pool with current-producing jets. For recovery, there’s an infrared bed, ice bath, steam room, pilates room, and a full massage setup. While going through his routine, White also reveals the secret to his muscle mass gains — crediting it all to his personal trainer and the hard work he has to put in to counteract his addiction to junk food.

In the kitchen, White divulges his eating habits and diet while opening up two large fridges — one for sweets/less healthy foods, and one with just healthy foods. He also lets viewers know his favorite cheat meal which is a donut-fried chicken sandwich. Not shy about the junk food and snacks he keeps, the video ends close to his pantry where it is stocked top-to-bottom with sweets. Check out the full video above to learn more on how Dana White trains and eats.

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