By Balenciaga AI-Generated Videos are Taking over the Internet

Amidst all the productive uses of advancing artificial intelligence, tech-savvy early adopters have found unparalleled ways to use AI to create a new subsect of entertainment on the Internet. Leading the charge are generated songs using the voices of artists like Drake and nonsensical conversations involving United States Presidents, now followed by AI campaigns mashing popular media franchises with Balenciaga.

The high-tech meme first appeared when YouTuber demonflyinfox uploaded a video titled “Harry Potter by Balenciaga” March 15. The video showing familiar characters reimagined as striking fashion models marked by sharp cheekbones, luscious hair, impeccable facial hair, and avant-garde robes has now racked up nearly 9 million views, not to mention that attention it has received on social media platforms. The success of the video has spurred demonflyinfox to make more videos and other AI prompt specialists to make their own videos also set to “Lightvessel” by Thip Trong.

For those interested in how the “by Balenciaga” videos are made, creators likely use powerful AI programs like Midjourney, a generative artificial intelligence program and service created and hosted by a San Francisco-based independent research lab Midjourney, Inc. Midjourney incredibly follows text prompts compiling select images from the natural language descriptions to form a cohesive desired rendering. YouTuber demonflyinfox is now also offering tutorials through their Patreon page.

But what is making the “by Balenciaga” videos so popular? The viral nature of the AI-generated creations builds on the recent interest in the technological advancement and the comedic network of entertainment on social media that has made memes a part of modern human existence. While the viral response is a result of the “uncanny valley” quality of the videos through the forced clashing between established fictional works with an exaggerated understanding of high fashion, more specifically Balenciaga’s expression of clothing under the direction of Creative Director Demna.

Continuing the success of his initial “Harry Potter by Balenciaga” video, demonflyinfox has now made two follow-ups to create a series accompanied by other “by Balenciaga” clips centered around films and TV shows. Standouts include “Batman by Balenciaga,” “Star Wars by Balenciaga,” “Marvel by Balenciaga,” “Lord of the Rings by Balenciaga,” “Breaking Bad by Balenciaga,” “Game of Thrones by Balenciaga,” and “The Office by Balenciaga.”

Check out the AI-generated phenomenon that is “by Balenciaga” videos below.

Batman by Balenciaga

Marvel by Balenciaga

Star Wars by Balenciaga

Lord of the Rings by Balenciaga

Harry Potter by Balenciaga

Breaking Bad by Balenciaga

Game of Thrones by Balenciaga

The Office by Balenciaga

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