Bride bans dad’s girlfriend from wearing dress to her wedding in awkward message

Picking the perfect wedding outfit can be tricky, so lots of people end up asking the bride what they think of their potential outfits.

While we all hope our pal will give us an honest answer, one woman probably wasn’t expecting the awkward exchange that followed when she asked for help picking between two dresses.

She messaged her boyfriend’s daughter with screenshots of two dresses she was thinking about ordering for the big day, but one of them didn’t go down well.

One of the dresses is purple and the other is ivory, both covered in a floral pattern.

She wrote: "I’m in love with these two for yours and [name] wedding but I can’t decide. They both have straps."

The bride-to-be wasn’t impressed, replying: "You can’t wear white hahaha gotta go with the purple", reports Mail Online.

The friend replied to say it was ivory not white, but the bride still wasn’t happy.

She said: "I don’t know about [name] but no white/ivory at my wedding."

Clearly unimpressed the woman’s reply was pretty blunt, writing: "Hope you put it in your invitation love."

The bride shared screenshots of their conversation online to see what other people thought.

She wrote: "Help! I thought it was a given not to wear white to a wedding..

"I didn’t think I’d have to list it. Should I send out a message to the guests? I’d be soooo mad if she or anyone else showed up in white."

The post has caused a debate online as people can’t agree on who is wrong.

Many are strong believers in the tradition, and claim the most important thing is the bride’s feelings so guests should just do as asked.

But others believe it’s an out-dated tradition and guests should be able to wear whatever they like.

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