'BEYOND THE STREETS LONDON' Highlights 100 International Street Artists

A new exhibition has landed at London’s Saatchi Gallery, providing a comprehensive showcase of 100 artists that have impacted street art globally. Dominating all three gallery floors, BEYOND THE STREETS LONDON is the show’s third destination, following its establishment in Los Angeles and New York City.

Supported by adidas Originals, the expansive installation tells a detailed story about street art and highlights every pillar, from large-scale murals to rugged graffiti. Curated by graffiti historian Roger Gastman, BEYOND THE STREETS LONDON is an expressive journey underlining cultural art figures and new practitioners who have influenced the craft.

Featuring London’s most nutritious graffiti writer, 10FOOT, alongside AIKO, Felipe Pantone, KING MOB, and dozens more, the immersive presentation explores artistic movements across the world, including the 50-year history of hip-hop and London’s punk subculture. Additional creatives on display include NYC’s Beastie Boys, U.K. skater BLONDIE, and American artist Alicia McCarthy.

BEYOND THE STREETS LONDON is open now at London’s Saatchi Gallery and will close on May 9. Tickets are available for purchase via the gallery’s website.

In other news, Berlin’s KW Institute is showcasing a retrospective exhibition on legendary artist Martin Wong.
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