Barney The Dinosaur fans 'trauamtised' by 'terrifying' makeover for reboot

Barney is back! But before fans who grew up with the giant purple dinosaur get too excited, he’s had a CGI makeover which has been dubbed ‘terrifying’.

If you grew up in the 90s, Barney was inescapable whether you were a fan or not.

Well, now Mattell has announced the dinosaur ‘from our imagination’ is making a comeback for a whole new generation of kids to fawn over and drive parents crazy.

However, his return has startled some critics.

Barney’s had a few ‘tweakments’ during his time out of the limelight, including getting a fashionable gap between his front teeth, giant green eyes and a brighter purple and green body.

Oh, and there’s no longer a man in a baking dinosaur costume.

We’ve seen more drastic changes – don’t even get us started on the 3D Rugrats.

But people aren’t happy and social media has been packed with passionate responses to Barney’s new look with many going as far as calling the 2023 dino ‘terrifying’.

‘They used to say Barney was creepy when I was a kid. This new Barney is significantly more terrifying,’ tweeted one former fan, while other agreed that somehow they made a creepy kids TV character just a little bit creepier.

‘That is not my Barney,’ wrote another sceptic, while someone else asked: ‘Am I the only one being traumatized at the thought of Barney coming back?’

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