Artists Navigate Perceptions of Black Women in "Mother of Mankind" Exhibition

Ghana’s ADA \ Contemporary Art Gallery will be taking over London’s HOFA Gallery this summer for a momentous presentation featuring varied works by Black female artists. Entitled “Mother of Mankind,” the presentation centers upon the theme of Mother Nature with each artist portraying the subject in their respective approaches. Moreover, the artists redefine what it means to be a Black women while touching on societal-issues relating to gender, race and marital roles.

Cinthia Sifa Mulanga, Damilola Marcus, Dimakatso Mathopa, Marcellina Akpojotor and other emerging artists. “Each artist investigates, in her own unique way, current perceptions of identity, gender, sexuality, family and society, all-the- while bringing forth her personal experience and a distinct visual narrative across a range of media,” as per a statement by the gallery.

Director of ADA \ Contemporary Art Gallery and curator Adora Mba explained in a statement: “At a time when singular voices demonstrate their strength when united, I feel privileged to showcase the works of these remarkably talented artists in one of the cities I call home. The women presented in this show are in the early days of their artistic careers, yet already making waves and drawing attention amidst an industry which tends to be more supportive of their male counterparts. ADA and HOFA are instituting a space for their, for our, voices to be heard; our stories to be told; our creative spirits to conceive, unbound, forging our own narratives. Beyond being artists that I personally admire, these women are my sisters, my kin from across the globe.”

Check out select works for “Mother of Mankind” in the slideshow above. The exhibition will be on view from July 22 through August 31.

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HOFA Gallery
11 Bruton Street
Mayfair, London
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