Applebee's Has Created Cheetos Fried Chicken and Cheese Bites

According to reports, Applebee’s has rolled out exclusive fried food coated in Cheetos’ cheesy dust.

The collaborative menu features Boneless Wings and Cheese Bites breaded with Cheetos crumbles for crunchiness and flavor. You can choose sauces served for the Cheetos-flavored offerings to amp up the cheesiness — either the original Cheetos Wing Sauce or Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Wing Sauce for an extra kick. Additionally, in celebration of the release, Applebee’s is releasing the Shirtkin, a shirt-napkin hybrid that allows you to wipe your saucy hands with ease.

Priced at $9.99 USD, Applebee’s Cheetos Boneless Wings and Cheetos Cheese Bites are available at Applebee’s stores for a limited time.

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