An '80s Gaming-inspired Amiga a500 Mini Computer Is Coming Next Year

Retro Games Ltd recently confirmed the release of the Amiga A500 Mini March 2022, along with a reveal of the 25 games bundled with the device.

Inspired by Amiga home computers in the late ’80s, the Amiga A500 Mini features the 1987 A500’s integrated keyboard and the A1200 computer’s Advanced Graphics Architecture. The reimagined mini console with a 720p HD display also comes with the original 2-button mouse and controller.

Other than Alien Breed, Chaos Engine, Battle Chess and nostalgic games alike, players can also seamlessly load their own games via USB stick through WHDLoad. A “save and resume” option is also included to get you through challenging levels.

Priced at $140 USD, the Amiga A500 Mini is set to release on March 25, 2022. Check out the full list of games on Retro Games Ltd’s website.

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