AMBUSH®︎ Unveils Year of the Tiger-Themed Daruma Doll and Amulets

The Lunar New Year festivities are just around the corner and various brands across the streetwear realm are gradually starting to unveil its celebratory products. Jordan Brand and Nike recently uncovered its upcoming “Chinese New Year” footwear and apparel capsule collection, and now AMBUSH®︎ is joining in on the fun with the announcement of its newest Daruma Doll and Amulet that pay tribute to the Year of the Tiger.

In Japanese culture, special Daruma dolls are often gifted to friends and family as a sign of good luck and perseverance. These dolls are designed with an orange base that comes decorated with solid black Japanese characters along the lower front in addition to white and black stripes, whiskers and eyes to represent the a tiger’s facial features. They were crafted in the Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture — an area of Japan that is widely associated for making these types of pieces.

In addition, AMBUSH®︎ has also readied three types of amulets that are styled with “AMBUSH®︎ SMILY” graphics and tiger pattern embroidery.

If interested in copping, the items are slated to drop on January 2 via the “AMBUSH® WORKSHOP”, “AMBUSH® WORKSHOP2” and “AMBUSH® HANKYU UMEDA”. Retail for the Daruma dolls range from ¥17,600 to ¥26,400 (approx. $154-231 USD) and ¥4,840 to ¥4,950 (approx. $42-43 USD) for the amulets.

Previously, AMBUSH® WORKSHOP celebrated its second anniversary with a sustainable silver and denim capsule.
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