Alpha Motor Corporation Unveils its Montage All-Electric Coupe

After debuting its all-electric JAX Crossover, WOLF pickup, and futuristic camping truck with Heimplanet, California-based Alpha Motor Corporation now introduces its new custom-built Montage electric coupe.

“As we achieve milestones along our roadmap to mass production, opportunities are created to build special vehicles. Montage was created to bring people together to support electrification,” said Alpha Motor Corporation. “Our electric cars are not built to feel electronic, and Montage is a testament to the EV revolution. Alpha is a collective vision to Move Humanity.”

Since the beginning, Alpha has sought to reduce the carbon footprint of industrialization through clever manufacturing solutions beyond electrification. The Montage is one of its most ambitious projects yet, built on a platform constructed from the ground up using a process involving Computer-Aided Development (CAD). The Montage is said to arrive with an optional electric drive unit generating 201 horsepower and 2,640 pound-feet of torque  The single-speed gearbox features a 2-stage spur with a differential configured to perform above 92% peak efficiency and the lithium-ion pack is expected to deliver 250 miles of range with fast charging capabilities.

Exteriors feature metallic silver paintwork dubbed “Time Machine” across a teardrop-shaped cabin and fender blisters mounted on the body. Additional chrome accents and touchpoints offer a classic touch and the Alpha’s triangular logo rests on the center spine of the hood. Below are wide performance tires with side walls dressed in white and 18” metal wire wheels. Rounding out the look are crisp interiors by Shawmut Corporation featuring luxurious and recyclable materials made from single-component recycled fibers.

The limited-production Montage Coupe is now open for applications at the Alpha Motor website. Prices start at $499,000 USD.

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