Alexis Poncelet Imagines a Honda "HR-X Delsol" Two-Door Pickup

Exterior automotive designer Alexis Poncelet has rendered a futuristic Honda “HR-X Delsol” concept, imagining a sleek post-apocalyptic vehicle that straddles the line between a space rover, Tesla’s Cybertruck, and a futuristic electric racer. “Honda brought a meaningful and toyish approach recently,” wrote Poncelet in an introductory post. The HR-X Delsol arrives with “tiny utility inspired by the charm of Honda’s e-drag racer, the 3-seater front row from the Honda FR-V, and the silhouette & deck from the CRX Delsol. The concept “would be a new segment that makes the brand stand even more apart,” Poncelet adds.

The two-door electric pickup arrives in a dark metallic colorway with distinct off-road caged rims and a futuristic faux grille resembling a hard drive. Continuing the futuristic computer-inspired aesthetic are RTX graphics card-inspired fridges mounted at the rear. “The three-seater car is all about hanging out with your buddies on the open streets, ready for the next drag racing challenge for the thrill of life!” wrote Yanko Design who first introduced Poncelet’s Honda concept.

Take a closer look at the Honda “HR-X Delsol” concept above, and find more from Alexis Poncelet here.

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