Afghan War Casualty Report: May 3-9

The following report compiles all significant security incidents confirmed by New York Times reporters throughout Afghanistan from the past seven days. It is necessarily incomplete as many local officials refuse to confirm casualty information. The report includes government claims of insurgent casualty figures, but in most cases these cannot be independently verified by The Times. Similarly, the reports do not include Taliban claims for their attacks on the government unless they can be verified. Both sides routinely inflate casualty totals for their opponents.

At least 80 pro-government forces and 47 civilians were killed in Afghanistan during the past week. While American and Taliban negotiators met for their sixth session of peace talks in Doha, there was no sign that the Taliban were letting up on the tempo of violence. Nor did they seem to be adhering to their pledge to avoid civilian casualties during the holy month of Ramadan, which began Monday, although there were also civilian deaths blamed on C.I.A.-backed militia groups.

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May 9 Badakhshan Province: two soldiers killed

In the Safid Yalor area of Raghistan District, the Taliban ambushed the Third Border Battalion commander for Khwahan District, killing him and one of his bodyguards and wounding three others.

May 9 Logar Province: four local police officers killed

The Taliban attacked local police checkpoints in the Puli-Matani area of Pul Alam, the provincial capital, killing four and wounding three others.

May 9 Kunduz Province: one local police officer killed

The Taliban attacked Dasht-e-Archi District from four directions, killing a local police officer and wounding three others. The insurgents then overran the outpost.

May 9 Nangarhar Province: four civilians killed

A C.I.A.-backed Afghan strike force launched an operation in Chaparhar District, killing four civilians and wounding two others. Among those killed were a father and his son, both teachers.

May 9 Balkh Province: five police officers killed

A Taliban Red Unit attacked a police outpost in Kholm District, killing five police officers and wounding five others. The fighting went on for an hour until government reinforcements arrived and pushed the Taliban back.

May 8 Kabul Province: nine killed in aid group attack

Taliban militants attacked the compound of Counterpart International, an American-run contractor, in the Afghan capital, killing at least nine people and wounding 20 others. Most of the victims were civilians, but one police commando died too. Among the dead were three employees of the American aid group CARE, which has offices nearby.

May 8 Oruzgan Province: six civilians killed

A home in the Torachina area of Tarinkot District was hit by airstrikes from a foreign aircraft during a joint operation, killing six members of the same family. Two women and four children were buried under the collapsed home. Local officials said the operation lasted two days.

May 8 Takhar Province: two police killed

The Taliban attacked an outpost in the Khwaja Ghar District. Two police officers were killed during an hour of fighting.

May 8 Samangan Province: three pro-government militia members killed

Insurgents ambushed pro-government militias in the Doey village of Roy Do Aab District, killing three militia members and wounding three others. The fighting lasted two hours.

May 8 Balkh Province: two pro-government militia members killed

The Taliban killed two pro-government militia members in the Koshenda District. The militants killed one of the militia members in front of his family at his home.

May 8 Faryab Province: two commandos killed

Roadside bombs hit an Afghan commando force vehicle in Khwaja Sabz Posh District, killing two commandos and wounding six others.

May 8 Faryab Province: two soldiers killed

The Taliban attacked an Afghan army outpost in the village of Naw Dara in Qaisar District. During an hour of fighting, two soldiers were killed and two others were wounded. The Taliban were pushed back after reinforcements arrived.

May 8 Herat Province: three civilians killed

The Taliban attacked a tribal elder’s house in Farsi District, killing three members of a family and abducting a man who lived there.

May 7 Baghlan Province: one local police killed

Mohammad Aziz, a member of the Afghan local police, was killed by the Taliban in front of his family in the Hassan Tal area of Baghlan-e-Markazi District.

May 7 Balkh Province: one pro-government militia member and a civilian killed

During a clash between local police and local jihadi commanders in Balkh District, one civilian and one militia member were killed and five people, including three civilians, were wounded.

May 7 Laghman Province: three police officers killed

A roadside bomb exploded in Alingar District, killing a police chief and his two bodyguards as they drove along a local road.

May 7 Takhar Province: eight security forces killed

The Taliban attacked security outposts on the Khawaja Bahauddin-Darqad District highway, capturing one outpost. Five security force members were killed and two were wounded.

May 6 Herat Province: 14 civilians and five pro-government forces killed

The Taliban attacked the village of Barpul village in Farsi District, killing 14 villagers and five pro-government militia members.

May 6 Ghazni Province: two security forces killed

Afghan security forces intercepted Taliban fighters as they prepared to attack an outpost in the Jaghori District. During the ensuing firefight, two security force members were killed.

May 5 Baghlan Province: 20 police officers killed

Taliban fighters launched a coordinated suicide attack on police headquarters in Pul-i-Kumri, the provincial capital, killing 20 police officers and wounding 62 others as the officers lined up to collect their monthly pay. Among the wounded were 12 civilians, including eight women and four children.

May 5 Logar Province: three civilians killed

A C.I.A.-backed Afghan strike force killed three civilians, including a young girl, and wounding one other in the Padkhab Shana area of Pul Alam, the provincial capital. Local officials complained that the unit failed to notify them that an attack was planned.

May 5 Paktika Province: one civilian killed

In Yousaf Khail District, unknown gunmen killed Ghulam Rahman Hamdard, the head of the Department of Work and Social Affairs in the province. Attackers entered his home, then stabbed and shot him. The incident is under investigation.

May 4 Takhar Province: three pro-government militia members killed

A Taliban Red Unit attacked a security outpost in the village of Sayed Ha in Yangi Qala District. During three hours of fighting, three pro-government militia members were killed and four were wounded. Government reinforcements were sent to the area.

May 3 Paktia Province: two civilians killed

In the Hassan Khail area of Ahmad Khail District, the Taliban killed the wife and son of a soldier deployed with the Afghan Army.

May 3 Ghazni Province: five civilians killed

Two civilians from Paktia Province who were working in Ghazni’s Deh Yak District were killed by an unknown insurgent group. On the same day, three civilians were shot and killed on a highway by the Taliban in Qarabagh District. Two others were wounded.

May 3 Zabul Province: four security forces killed

The Taliban attacked a police security checkpoint in Shinky District, killing the district police chief and the district director of the National Directorate of Security. Two police officers were also killed and three were wounded.

May 3 Baghlan Province: 10 security forces killed

A Taliban Red Unit attacked Borka District headquarters, a district office and several security outposts. During six hours of fighting, 10 security force members — seven soldiers, two police officers and one National Directorate of Security officer — were killed and six others were wounded.

May 3 Sar-i-Pul Province: two security forces killed

The Taliban abducted a deputy police chief and a local commander of Sozma Qala District while they were drunk and traveling through a Taliban-controlled area to Do Aaba village. They were later killed.

Reporting was contributed by the following New York Times reporters: Rod Nordland from Kabul, Najim Rahim from Mazar-e-Sharif, Mohammad Saber from Herat, Taimoor Shah from Kandahar, Farooq Jan Mangal from Khost and Zabihullah Ghazi from Jalalabad.

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